Spanish Family Crest Rings

Spanish Family Crest Rings are worn by men and women whose origins are from Spain and associated countries. The Spanish people and their ancestors are a very proud race and love to demonstrate this element at every chance. The festivals that are held at various times throughout the year are testament to this fact.

Spain is a very historic country and over the centuries it has had its fair share of trials and tribulations. Spain fell to the Moors around the 8th century and this influence lasted until the 12th century. This has left a great mark on Hispanic surnames. Other surnames were taken from Spanish derivatives but the most common names were of Germanic origin and characteristically Hispanic. The family crest rings and the family coat of arms of many families are inheritable just like other forms of property.

Spanish Family Crest Rings for Rodriguez

The Spanish family name of Rodriguez is derived from the Germanic name of “herodic” which means ” renowned power”. Rodriguez” originates from the Basque country but over the decades the clan has traveled far and the name can be found all over the world. Right throughout Spain and as far away as the United States and Canada the family name can heard.

Spanish Family Crest Rings for Sanz

Variants of the Sanz name are; Sans, Saenz, Sainz and Sanches. This name is of both Spanish and European origin and was borne of a 9th century martyr of Cordova. A notable member of the family name was Francisco Sanchez born in 1550 and died in 1631. He was a great philosopher and came from Braga in Portugal. The Sanz family name can be found in almost all countries in South America, Puerto Rico and the Philippines.

 Crest Rings for Gonzalez

This is a Spanish baptismal name meaning “the son of gonzalo” also means the ” the battle elf”. Gonzalez was a 12th century Spanish saint. A very notable family member was Julio Gonzalez who was born in 1876 and died in 1942, he spent his life on earth as a sculptor. Today in the United States Military there are thousands of soldiers who wear custom military rings with the name Gonzalez.

Delgado Family rings

This name can be found in Portugal and Spain where its origins are. In almost every Spanish speaking country in the world you will find this name. The name was taken from a person who was very thin and is a hereditary surname of Nickname origin most likely derived from a religious figure or indeed a cult figure.
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