Army Rings

Army Rings reveal a story that goes as far back as 1775. The military army rings tell a tale, from the plain to the heroic stories of engagement, which the brave soldiers of U.S army find themselves involved in on each day. At the moment, there are brave warriors looking down the gun barrel with their sights on people who may be planning to launch an attack on them. These soldiers have to make decision whether to allow these people to live or to terminate their life, what a tricky decision but they will have to. In such conditions, there is no time for indecisiveness, since  failure to act very fast, may cost their lives.

Military Army Rings 

We should appreciate our soldiers that are in the field of battle, but we must also keep in mind that these armed forces have been trained in places such as Ft. Hood and Ft. Knox to the top standards of  any army in the continent.

army rings
Rings for all units and divisions. Available in Gold and Silver

They are trustworthy, loyal, and their commitment and integrity are indisputable. In case you have the opportunity to see them in action, you will be proud of them.

Rings and  Emblems

army rings
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The army is composed of units, battalions and brigades, and a special emblem has been created for each of these groups. Some are very old while some have been created to represents the battalions, units, and brigades that are currently involved in the present campaigns including operation Afghanistan and Iraqi freedom. Special insignia have also been created for other historic campaigns such as World War II and Vietnam War.

Designing  Army Rings

There are two major military army rings designs. They include one with a square face and one with a round face. They have the same price and value but appear quite poles apart when worn. The normal design of these rings is the options of having singular wording around the stone, which will show whether you served with the Navy, Army, or the Air force.

The chosen insignia from your brigade or unit will be put on the rings side for example the first infantry, 1st cavalry, medical, transportation, airborne, that will reveal who you served with during your days in the service. In addition to these, you can include details such as your name, and special dates that mean a lot to you and your family. The choice of having something personalized fixed inside the ring is available too.

Gold  Rings

You can create military rings for the Navy, Army, Coast Guard and the Air Force. For hard wearing rings, it is recommended to use 10kt Gold to prevent the details you chose to imprint on the ring sides not to wear out easily. Gold is a very precious material and this makes it a perfect metal to create a family and military heirloom, which is precisely what your personalized ring will be like in the future. It will make the great gift to bequeath to your children or grand children and this will offer them a sense of pride and honor. Begin now and design a commemoration ring that will record your career so that we can leave in peace and security.