Military Rings

Military Rings are custom made for veterans and enlisted men and women. They are created for all branches, units and divisions of the Armed Forces. All our soldiers can now record and commemorate special milestones.  These may be during their active years serving and protecting the nation and its citizens or in retirement. Since the formation of our military in 1775,  our very well trained personnel protect at home and abroad. Today there are missions being undertaken in Iraq and Afghanistan by our defense forces.

Military Rings Can Be Personalized

Each ring that you see worn by a man or woman tells a personal story from the month of the birth to their years of service.  The color of the stone on top of the ring can be selected to indicate a month of birth or a unit or branch.Wording around the stone of military rings can be engraved to show the branch of service.  And on either side of the custom military rings a specific insignia can be cast.

The text above the side emblems will further indicate when they enlisted or perhaps show their rank.  And finally inside the band of the ring a personal sentiment can be engraved, this is usually the full name of the soldier, airman, sailor or marine.  There is no limit to the customization of these custom military rings online.


How Military Rings Are Made

military_ringsThe custom military rings that we see today are made by very skilled craftsmen.  The process begins of course with the customer. The customer designs the ring from drop-down menus and selector boxes in our online store.  The metal selected plays a very important role in determining the price of the ring.  Our most expensive ring is Gold and the Silver is great value at the moment.

Military Rings Side Emblems and Images

Each side image or insignia that represents a branch, unit or division has already being cast.  To create a perfect ring two casts must be used at the same time to get the desired result.  The size of the ring is also indicate at the time of purchase and this can range from a small 6 to a large 15 or in some areas of the world letters are used to indicate the size.

Who Wears Military Rings

There are no restrictions about  wearing a ring, but usually they are worn by active or retired service personnel from the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Over the last number of years there has been a notable rise in the amount of spouses and girlfriends who wear them to show support for their loved ones who are deployed overseas on missions in the Middle and Far East.