Irish Family Crest Rings

Irish Family Crest Rings from $299.00 are made in gold or silver. Created using hand crafted traditional techniques to engrave clan or family badges onto signet rings. Thousands of Irish and Celtic families have unique family crests that are passed from one generation to the next. Having such crests engraved on sterling silver or solid gold Irish family crest rings makes for a perfect family gift. Considering that crests and coat of arms are unique to each family, they are something that  family members can easily identify with.

irish family crest rings
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In the past centuries a coat of arms ring from a man’s family was among his most prized possessions. It was a timeless possession, handed down from the ancestors and linking the past, present and the future. Despite the fact that this was an Irish tradition, you can have your own custom made ring. The coat of arms has to be researched to the detail by a heraldic scholar. This can then be solely crafted for you alone. The arms are custom designed by wax as either a lady’s or a man’s ring.

Irish Family Crest Rings with Coat of Arms

· Shield – in this type of ring the charges and colors are part of the blazon but the shield’s shape is not known. These may vary according to time period and geographical location

· Crest – the crest forms part of the blazon, it is what appears just above the helm. It is worth noting that some court of arms may not always have a crest.

Crest Rings with History

The Irish history was strongly influenced by an invasion in 1172 of Strongbow after the English conquest. This was almost equal in magnitude to the Irish cultural impact on Scotland, Wales, England and generally the whole of Europe from the first up to the seventh century. Many Irish clans were mixed beyond distinction. Some of the early ring notables include: Andrew Ring, William Ring and John Ring who settled in Massachusetts in 1629, 1632 and 1654 respectively.  Robert Ring arrived in Boston in 1640. These are some of the members of the Ring family that are known to have upheld the ring culture. The Ring families crest products included: family crest key chains, coat of arms and armorial frames.

 Family Crest Rings – O’Byrne Arms

Together with its variants, Byrnes and Beirne it is among the ten most frequent family names in Ireland today. Originally, the name is O Brion which is a personal name meaning raven. It can be traced to Bran the son of Molmorda, who was the king of Leinster in the eleventh century. They were driven out of their original homelands during the Norman invasion with some members of the O’Byrne family moving north to Ulster where they change their names to Burns. 

This goes to show just how much history and heritage Irish family crest rings have; all of that engraved onto their gold and silver rings. Even though modern Irish family crest rings may be superior and deeply engraved with high quality enamelling, nothing quite beats the history that these Irish family crest rings represent

family crest rings