Gold Rings

Gold Rings that make a statement, and are treasured by generations of family members. Traditionally gold has been associated with the rich as it sets a boundary between the social classes. Well, this is actually true but don’t you think a hardworking person or fiancée deserve such an honor too regardless of the social class? Gemstones and gold rings are now the mostly preferred gift to the deserving individuals.

After being committed to your career or in making a marriage pledge, the gold ring reminds you of a journey you have been through! You can base your choice between the white or the yellow gold, other great gold ring designs include; Rose gold and Ishis gold.

Gold Rings – Military Rings

A look into the journey of the United States Military, air force, coast guard, marines and the navy reveals about their commitment and loyalty. This calls for a precious gift to appreciate their hard work. Their commitment can also be marked through personalization of their rings. You can select your ideal military ring shape-square or round face. Secondly you can enter a personalized text such as name, family or rank.

Gold Military Rings

The popular choice among many solders is the 14k or the 10k gold. Another notable element is the visual effect, your ring can have an ancient or glittering look and the quality remains the same. However, there is a tricky part in buying a military ring as a gift! One ought to be sure of the battalion or rank the person is serving.

Gold Rings – Family Crest Rings


Oral assurance of love may not be enough to create that strong bond within a family. On the other hand a gift on special occasions such as birthdays or graduation ceremonies cements the bond! The gold family crest rings are commissioned to include the family crest or coat of arms. Since the 10th and 12th century Knights, Kings and Queens have worn the crest rings as jewelry of adornment and identification. A beautiful ring for any family with heraldic history.

Gold Rings – Retirement Gold Rings

Retirements are one of the most celebrated occasions in the life of any individual. The loyalty and commitment of the person retiring can be noted with a special gold ring or gift. Dates of service and sentiments of expression can be engraved inside the ring. They can wear this ring as a constant reminder of the level of esteem they cultivated during their working life. For less than a thousand dollars a great ring can be designed.

In conclusion, it is important to note that oral assurance or compliments fades with time. An ideal gift acts as a constant reminder that the individual is treasured. Many hold a myth that gold is too expensive to be acquired, but now you can get a gold ring as little as $879. Start working on your order today for the loved one in your life

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