Family Rings

Family Rings are normally associated with custom made rings that features historic elements related to a specific family. These fundamental elements may be related to the heraldic origins of the family or the clan. Other historic periods relating to families or individuals that people like to engrave about is time spent in the armed force. Military Personnel like to have their branch emblems cast on their military rings.

Family Rings With Coat of Arms

Family Rings with the family “Coat of Arms” engraved or cast on the ring has been very popular for centuries. It is very difficult to say exactly when this heraldic feature began, but we can say it was probably around the tenth century.

The evolution of heraldry and Coats of Arms took place in Europe between the tenth and eleventh century when shields were painted with designs known as charges. The charges on the shield were used to identify and separate fighting clans.

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It is a theory that the origins of heraldry lay in the use of the closed helmet, which rendered the identification process practically impossible in battle. So the need for painting and embroidering Coats of Arms on shields and tunics became necessary.

Family Rings With Family Crest

This particular type of ring is very similar to the aforementioned “Coat of Arms Ring” the only difference is the crest is used on the ring. The crest is part of the overall emblazon of arms and sits atop the wreath and shield. Today in heraldry all Coats of Arms is designed with a crest. Historians have us believe that it at one time the crest indicated a royal association. The debate goes on.

Family Rings – Military Rings

Throughout the ages our military heroes have been adorned with jewelry that commemorated their victories on the battlefield. These military rings were first produced in bronze and silver, as these metals were readily available. Silver is an easy metal to work with so the silver smiths were commissioned by the force of the time to create custom military rings for the knights. Some of these rings have been found near noted battlefields to this day.

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Family Rings – Army Rings

Army rings can be made for the various units and divisions of the national army. From the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia there are special army rings manufactured for the enlisted men and women. The rings are very tastefully designed showing patriotic emblems and country flags ( see for further information and designs.)

Family Rings – Air Force Rings

The United States Air Force create family rings for their spouses and loved ones. With the current technology and computerization these rings can be designed with excellent detail and precision.

Family Rings – Navy Rings

Navy Rings are very similar to all the other military rings. These Navy Rings can be perfectly designed in Gold and Silver to display the achievements of the sailor or seabee.  Senior Chief Petty Officer rings with special dates and the emblem is very popular among Navy wives as a promotional gift.

Family Rings – Marine Rings

The “Semper Fi” logo can be engraved on the sides of these custom made Marine Corps Rings. The stone inserted on the head of the ring can indicate the birth month of the wearer. The rings when properly customized and designed, can indicate the entire career of the United States Marine. These family rings can be purchased for any occasion or milestone.